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Automated Skip Intro Detector Saves Rooms of Interns From Emotional Turmoil

OK, so we’ve all been there. You’re hooked on your latest TV show. You’re just about to indulge in episode two and the same bloody intro sequence kicks in. You’re instantly pummelled with a duvet of disappointment. What do you do? You reach for the remote. But do you try to fast-forward with the precision of a three-legged donkey and risk ruining everything? Maybe. Or suck it up and watch it begrudgingly, feeling like you’ve been unjustly subjected to visual and audible torture? Probably. Then you see the ‘SKIP INTRO’ button appear like a beacon of hope for the world. Thumb already poised, you press down on ‘OK’ with reactions that would put Linford Christie to shame. A torrent of satisfaction fills every cell in your body. The painstakingly crafted graphic sequence and orchestral masterpiece is shamelessly tossed aside, never to be seen again… and the program starts as you sit back feeling like you have the power of Greyskull.

But who is this one bearing this gift? Who is so generous to empower us to commit such selfish debauchery and how is it done? Well, it may come as a surprise to you but some poor sod has the unenviable task of watching all those repeated intro sequences so you don’t have to, magnanimously marking up all the timecodes for intro start and intro end. Next time you’re low, just think about that person and how much their ears must be screaming from the 1,000th time they’ve heard; ‘iiiiiin West Philadelphia, born and raised…’ and ‘I’ll be there for yoooooou…’. No one deserves that.

What’s more, that process is slow, expensive and wide open to potential mistakes and subjective interpretations.
As part of its initiative to save humans from repetitive and painful tasks, WIREWAX Media Services has developed an industry first. A fully automated and intelligent ‘Skip Intro Detector’.

The Skip-Intro Detector has been expertly crafted by the unparalleled team of brainiacs at WIREWAX. Feed it two or more episodes with matching intro sequences (and/or closing credits) and the service will learn to automatically find them throughout a whole season or even an entire catalogue.

It’ll process approximately 1,000 titles per minute, slashing time, effort and cost of traditional manual processes.

“When we were asked to look into solving this problem, I guess I too was one of those selfish binge-watchers who naively assumed this was already automated. What a slap of cold reality is was when we heard about the dungeons full of interns losing their minds watching the entire back catalogue of Saved By The Bell and putting timecodes in spreadsheets. Even Screech doesn’t deserve that sort of punishment. We’re so glad we’ve helped those people.
Steve Callanan, CEO & Co-Founder

Engineered to work at-scale and at-speed with unmatched precision, the new service will find repeated segments across commercial shows and binge-worthy seasons, identifying and accurately marking timecodes for intro and outro sequences for optimised next episode/auto-trigger insertion. 

Any problem that starts with ‘this currently needs to be done by a human’ is bound to be a challenge, but we’ve been developing a strong roster of Media Services offerings for some time now. We often find that the tools that took us to the peak of some previous technological mountain can get us a fair way up the next one. Intro detection has been a prime example of that. 

Many years ago, I’d force my friends to sit through the intro and outro sequences whenever we watched Naruto, so I guess this is how I make amends, right?
Dr. Tom Rackham, VP Computer Vision

For those of you already leveraging the continually evolving technology of WIREWAX Media Services, both immediate uptake and retroactive application are available now in just a few simple steps. 

Get more details on the new WIREWAX Skip-Intro Detector and get in touch with the team HERE.



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