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Interactive Video Trends in 2022

Interactive video trends in 2022

The popularity of interactive video has swept through the online space at an alarming rate as businesses from various industries seek to foster better engagement with their customers. The unique capabilities offered by interactive videos lay the groundwork for companies in the e-commerce and education spaces to connect in new ways and build truly engaging videos that are actionable at their core. From hotspots and overlays to clickable products right inside each video, customers can learn about products and make purchases directly from inside a video, as well as enjoy more productive learning through a choose-your-own-adventure-esque format built for developing minds and teaching new concepts.

With all this capability and innovative technology, interactive video has found its place in numerous markets. There are trends forming that will shape the outlook of interactive video over the course of this coming year. Here, we’ll dive into what interactive video can do for e-commerce businesses as well as providers of educational services as we discuss the expected trends of 2022.

Ecommerce Product Videos

The goal of any ecommerce business is to make it easier for their customers to discover new products and make purchases with information at hand. This focus means that it’s essential to outline new methods for showcasing products, and interactive video is a tough innovation to beat. By strategically placing products throughout interactive videos, ecommerce businesses can tighten the gap between their customers and their products, making it easier and simpler than ever before to sell more inventory.

It works, too, considering 80% of millennials (who are in the hot seat when it comes to the largest groups of consumers) utilize videos to influence their purchase decisions. Take Google for example. Google is able to educate its customers on the benefits and must-have features of their Google Home product line. Viewers can follow along with the almost story-like presentation and discover how each product can fit into their lives and add value. Once they’ve decided to purchase, they can do so right from inside the video – instead of needing to click away to search online, where they are likely to encounter multiple distractions and even competitor advertisements.

It gets even easier with interactive product video Shopify cart integration, where store owners can utilize interactive video in their sales funnels to showcase their products and appeal to the needs and desires of visiting customers. Using this integration, shoppers can add products to their cart with one simple click, right when they are most excited about the product in question.

Interactive Video for Education

When it comes to keeping the attention of students, employees, and other trainees, the effectiveness of video has already been proven. But interactive video brings forward a new method of listening to and digesting information that can help viewers retain what they are being taught. The main issue with standard video training is that viewers tend to…er…nod off, to a degree, and often don’t fully comprehend or retain important information. It can be difficult to prevent standard videos from becoming dry and boring – a problem that is eliminated with the use of interactive video.

Imagine you’re taking a theory course on scuba diving. There’s a lot to learn, and retention of information can save your life. By leveraging the power of interactive video, students can better control their learning experience. Actionable overlays can engage students with pop quiz material, while video hotspots can enable them to learn the material in the order of which they decide. This removes the common obstacles found with standard video and instead promotes significantly better engagement overall.

Brand Building with Interactive Video

The key to building a successful brand is, and always has been awareness. Teaching your customers about your brand and doing so with repetition and consistency can yield positive results for your business over time. Companies that utilize interactive video have an advantage as they are first and foremost seen as pioneers of innovation and digital technology – something the key millennial group sees immense value in. But above all else, interaction with your brand is what creates loyal customers who understand your mission, purpose, and values and want to be a part of that type of inclusivity.

Nike showcases a perfect example of this. In Nike’s Hypebae interactive video, which saw a 55% interaction rate with 4 interactions per viewer, you can actually build an entire outfit of Nike gear and watch as it all comes together, modeled right before your very eyes by a real person. What! In terms of brand awareness and recognition, Nike’s approach by utilizing the power of interactive video sets them apart from every other retailer and creates authentic interest in their products by placing the viewer in control.

Set Your Course for 2022 With Interactive Video

These are the trends we’re seeing kick off 2022 and the benefits are clear. Interactive video not only offers a way for businesses to connect with their customers, but it enables the seamless integration of products and training materials into the lives of consumers by empowering them to make in-the-moment decisions about the content they consume. Get started with WIREWAX today.