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Nestlé Nespresso Heats Up Interactive Experience with WIREWAX Studio

☕️ Ahh, coffee – the most brew-tiful part of the day.  Nespresso, who have been revolutionizing the coffee industry for over 30 years, have vowed to “push the boundaries of what a unique coffee experience can be” through their innovation and continuous evolution as a brand. It’s no surprise that crafting an interactive experience with WIREWAX tailored around their Vertuo system was their next pioneering step. 

With WIREWAX, Nespresso aimed to create an immersive, interactive experience in which coffee lovers could learn more about Nespresso, the products they offer, their devotion to sustainability, and also find the perfect coffee capsule for their taste. This experience furthers Nespresso’s mission of bringing barista quality coffee to the masses by giving the user an interactive retail experience from the comfort of their own home. How did they do it, you may ask? By combining all of our favorite WIREWAX elements: shoppable hotspots, branching, and impeccable design. 

Through the use of branching, the viewer is able to personalize their experience and choose what they are interested in. Options range from learning more about Nespresso’s special offers and services to exploring the Vertuo system and accessories.  Viewers can even take part in the coffee finder-a personalized experience designed to help them find the perfect Vertuo coffee capsule. Users can choose their flavor preferences (Fruity Floral, Balanced, Intense, or Flavoured), cup size, and milk preference. Once they have made all of their choices, a perfectly curated Vertuo pod is presented to them, along with an option to relive the experience over again. We cannot espresso how excited we were to try out all of the different combinations! 

Nespresso also utilized WIREWAX’s shoppable functionality. After all, it only makes sense that a forward thinking company like Nespresso would be in tune to the future of ecommerce. It has been shown that 41% of viewers add products to their cart as a result of shoppable interactive video. Once matched with the perfect Vertuo pod, the viewer can jump directly to Nespresso’s product page to add to cart and check out. Viewers are also able to explore product pages when looking at Vertuo machines, milk frothers, and other accessories. WIREWAX’s unique metrics dashboard allows the team at Nespresso to gather data on which products are being interacted with, gaining insights into their customer base’s choices. 

Let us know what Vertuo pod you were matched with from the Nespresso coffee finder. Enjoy the full experience here.

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By Kyra Benforte, WIREWAX Customer Success



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