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Shoppable Shapes Up For Global Domination

The most difficult thing about shoppable really is how to say the word 10 times quickly. The actual technology kind of makes perfect sense.

As a sleek and sophisticated response to the struggling CTR,  shoppable combines the traffic and audience presence of social media with the product discovery of a catalogue all in one interactive post. No more #linkinbio.

The reason you are hearing shoppable more and more this year?
It works.

Shoppable experiences have recorded a massive 9 times higher purchase intent compared to traditional video, with audiences spending 47% longer watching and engaging with your content than ever before.

More than that, consumers are actively asking for more video, with 85% of viewers wanting to see more video from brands.

The best part of it all is by far are the metrics shoppable content delivers back to brands.

As the viewer interacts, the behaviour is tracked and works to paint a pretty picture of when, where, how, and for how long audiences are engaging. Meaning one big opportunity for endless optimisation.

When everyone is adopting shoppable strategies the biggest thing brands need to seriously look at is how to break through the ever-increasing noise of the new technology. As with everything, highly-targeted on-brand content is the way to go.

When the new is becoming the expected standard it’s so important for brands to up the ante and find a new new.

As consumer experience expectations evolve, brands should be looking at how they can create smoother, more memorable, and more on-brand experiences that will leave users shouting from the rooftops for their friends to try.

Need some inspiration?
Take a peek at Nike and Hypebae’s shoppable street-style shoot experience built right here in WIREWAX Studio:

Breakaway from the crowd and set a new standard with your shoppable experiences.

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