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The Best Examples of Shoppable Video 2021

Through all the necessities for innovation and quick digital transformation, we’ve seen a few stand out retailers and eCommerce platforms stepping forward quickly with shoppable technology, not only meeting but elevating consumer expectations and crafting customer experiences that give careful consideration to each part of the purchase journey. No surprise, shoppable video is at the top of that list.

InsideRetail noted a recent study showing 41% of its viewers add products to their cart as a result of interactive video. Not only that, but NBCUniversal have experienced a 30% increase on conversions through their shoppable videos.

As an ode to the innovators, we’ve compiled a list of the best shoppable experiences we’ve seen come to life so far this year. Come along as we take a look at innovation in retail and more importantly, why it works. 

The Best Examples of Shoppable Video 2021

NBC Universal

When NBC’s VP Commerce Partnerships, Evan Moore, joined our Social Media Week panel on the future of Shoppable Video (watch or rewatch it here), he told us “the key to shoppable success is capturing purchase intent at the exact moment of inspiration.”

Safe to say NBC has done exactly that with the recently launched NBCUniversal Checkout with WIREWAX technology. NBCUniversal Checkout connects the interactions within video to the cart on site, allowing a seamless conversion at the point of purchase intent on shoppable products across NBC properties.

The Best Examples of Shoppable Video 2021

Why it works: The power of NBCUniversal’s new checkout platform has elevated the standard of what shoppable can do by allowing users to click and purchase without ever leaving the site, delivering on a multilayered experience without content interruption. NBC has reported seeing a 30% increase in conversions as a result of shoppable video. Yeah, it works.

You can shop products in NBC’s Universal Checkout on E! here.


One brand to make a splash with interactive this year is gogglesoc, a brand taking eco-friendly eye accessories to the next level. Their flagship product, the gogglesoc, is made from recycled plastic bottles. They also make all of their in-store merchandise displays out of recycled chopsticks! 

The Best Examples of Shoppable Video 2021

After launching their gogglesoc product for goggles in 2016, gogglesoc has grown into a global brand selling their products in 20+ countries and expanding into an entire product line of eco-friendly eyewear accessories. 

Their interactive experiences highlight their ever-growing product line with eye-catching and high energy product promo videos. They’ve ramped up promotion across their social channels, including Instagram and Facebook, to reach their target purchase audience.

Check out one of gogglesoc’s shoppable experiences here.

National Geographic

Not far behind NBCUniversal, National Geographic has been taking strides to build out its range of offering with shoppable branded content. 

The Best Examples of Shoppable Video 2021

Executing a simplistic problem-solution narrative combined with custom on-click product discovery allowed the team at National Geographic to effortlessly drive interested audiences through the buyer journey and direct to a point of purchase for flat pack furniture giants, IKEA.

This campaign, in particular, saw huge success, delivering an average interaction rate of almost 4 interactions per viewer. The stats also showed an 83% mobile audience, meaning National Geographic was able to meet the call across any device. 

Why it works: This experience feels on-brand from the get-go. It’s clear each point was considered for clarity and ease of product discovery and it shows. By layering beautiful creative with action-points the team were able to cut out a majority of the product discovery phase and deliver viewers directly to their new bedroom set up. 

Us Weekly

Continuing in the vein of shoppable branded content, Us Weekly has been making moves to elevate their content show throughout their partnership with Pandora. 

Shooting the video with interactivity in mind, the team at UsWeekly were able to construct an experience that grabbed the attention of potential consumers at the point of inspiration and direct them straight to the point of action. 

The Best Examples of Shoppable Video 2021

Leveraging an engaging quiz format, UsWeekly takes viewers through a personalized quiz that at the end reveals the perfect piece of jewelry matched with their personality and preferences. Of course, the viewer also has the opportunity to jump to the Pandora purchase page right from the video.

Why it works: UsWeekly utilized branching technology for this piece, meaning they put the power back into the hands of the view and gave them the opportunity to control both the content and their overall experience. By doing so, they were able to serve a shoppable experience with optimal relevance to each viewer. Paired with the simplicity of click to buy, this was a winning piece from the start. 

Experience the Pandora shoppable video here.

Neiman Marcus

When Neiman Marcus needed a way to elevate a traditional video ad campaign in a way that produced results, they turned to interactive.

The Best Examples of Shoppable Video 2021

By adding interactive product overlays to their 30 and 60 second product spots, Neiman Marcus could showcase not only the information about the product onscreen, but also add in opportunities to shop related products to complete the look.

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Written by Marissa Ke, Customer Success Director


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