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The Wall Street Journal’s secret to driving engagement

At WIREWAX we continuously see our publishers push the boundaries of what brand content powered by interactive technology can achieve, and The Wall Street Journal is no exception. The Wall Street Journal’s in-house brand studio, The Trust, continues to find innovative ways to enhance their branded content storytelling with interactive video.  From finance to business; The Trust leverages WIREWAX to provide their partners with proven methods to increase brand awareness, educate and engage their respective audiences – all within high-quality, premium video content. 

The Wall Street Journal’s secret to driving engagement

The design team at The Trust continues to impress with custom designs, branching hotspots and branded hotspots that allow their interactive content to blend seamlessly within a Trust experience. 

The Wall Street Journal’s secret to driving engagement

In A Taste of the Futures, in partnership with TD Ameritrade, WSJ explains the benefits and risks of trading futures in todays’ economy through the lens of the food and agriculture industry. In a series of interactive videos and infographics, WSJ give the viewer the opportunity to engage with meaningful content and dive deeper into the history of futures trading, tips and tricks and more. WSJ even implements video-in-video overlays complete with video interviews with futures experts. By blending entertainment with interactivity, WSJ viewers are able to interact at least 2.5x with hotspots and spend 3x more time with a topic than with static content. 

You can see it in action HERE.


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