video branching

Add new dimensions to your interactive video productions with video branching. Present relevant content and drive engagement as each viewer chooses their own experience.

what is video branching?

Video branching allows you to add clickable decision points in your interactive video that can jump or loop the viewer to another timestamp in your video, allowing them to craft a viewing experience that’s most relevant to them. It’s one of the easiest ways to boost engagement with your viewers and get real-time feedback on their preferences and choices.

branching through hotspots

You can create a branching point from any hotspot you add to your video. After creating your hotspot on an object, face or area of your choice, choose ‘jump to point in video’ from the Hotspot Manager. Select your out point (the timestamp to which you want the video to jump) and bango! Your viewer now has the ability to transcend time and space in your clickable videos.

branching through time-triggers

One of the most powerful ways to trigger a branching point is through Time Triggers, which allow you to set up loops, choose pause points, or create hotspots to skip to another point in the video. Time Triggers open up endless possibilities to create an interactive video production masterpiece without needing to edit your existing content!

what can I do with branching?

Video branching gives the power of choice to your viewer. Here’s a few examples of the types of branching experiences you can create with the WIREWAX Studio:

  • Quizzes: Add quiz points to your video.
  • Personalization: Whether it’s letting your viewer style their own outfit or deciding where they’d like to visit, each viewing experience can be as unique as your audience.
  • Storytelling: Create your own ‘Bandersnatch’. Why limit your video to one narrative?
  • Chaptering: The most efficient thing you can do for your audience. Break your video down by chapters or segments and give your viewer the control over where they want to dig in.


Clickable videos provide instant feedback on your users’ preferences.
Add branches to your interactive video production for ecommerce.
Video branching lets your users choose how to interact with your advertising.
Video branching brings interactive experiences to advertising.
Interactive video production puts the power of choice into your user’s hands.
Use clickable videos to create choose-your-own-adventure content!