time to share your masterpiece

Get your WIREWAX video out to the world and watch those interactions come flying in. You can use the WIREWAX player or integrate with your existing player (such as Vimeo, Brightcove or JW Player) to distribute your interactive masterpiece.

powerful player

the world’s most powerful HTML5 interactive video player

At WIREWAX we’ve spent years perfecting our own lightweight, HTML5 iframe player. This is the most popular way to distribute your WIREWAX video. Check out our proprietary player in action on our Examples page.

If you’re looking to host your video on your own website – on desktop, mobile, or in-app – this is a great option. The WIREWAX player is fully responsive and will dynamically serve appropriate renditions for all the devices and browsers out there, across mobile and desktop.

custom iframe

generate your own custom iframe

To use the WIREWAX iframe, simply copy the iframe code provided under the ‘Embed’ tab in the video editor and paste into your CMS or website backend. Here you can add customizations such as responsiveness, size and display options of your video to make your WIREWAX video a perfect fit for your perfect page.

interactive on social

get interactive on social

Share your video with the masses across your social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and more, all with the touch of a button inside the Studio.

host wirewax

host WIREWAX videos yourself

Offline packages allow you to host videos on your own servers, or completely offline. Available for our Enterprise users, we can provide these packages that contain the video renditions and the magical code that make your videos interactive.