what is a hotspot?

A hotspot is the visual call-to-action on your video that invites your viewers to interact with your video. Think of it as a button, but way more exciting – as it can track objects in your video and make those objects touchable as well.


what can a hotspot do?

  • Jump to another point in the video, allowing you to create amazing branching multi-narrative experiences.
  • Open up creative, interactive, weaponized overlays bristling with additional content and media.
  • Take your viewer out to another URL (click-out) to drive traffic to another destination.
  • Fire off an invisible event you can listen for to trigger actions on your page such as adding items to cart, animations, or content changes.


what is an overlay?

An Overlay is content that can appear within your video, triggered by a hotspot click or automatically with our Time-Triggers. The sky’s the limit for the content that you can add to your overlays with our creative Overlay Editor.


what can an overlay do?

Overlays can display all that incredible additional content and context you’re looking to add to your video. Our Overlay Editor allows you to customize your overlays with powerful creative tools.

These include text, images, shapes, animations, Live Elements™ and more. You can even drop in another video.