it’s a numbers game

Get to know your audience and optimize interactive video marketing content ongoing by analyzing performance, identifying trends and pinpointing viewer interests in real time.

Interactive video marketing is content marketing for the 21st century.

Interactive video marketing experience from doTerra

track your video performance

WIREWAX commerce video software tracks over 150 data points from the moment you publish your video – whether on your website, within your app or on social media channels. Our real-time interactive video marketing metrics dashboard is always accessible from the Studio and provides updated reporting on how your video is performing. You can also download a custom report for a deep dive into the numbers.

Interactive video marketing content connects with users on a deeper level.

it starts with a view

Of course you’ll get the basics, such as views and viewers with a full breakdown by date and time. This helps you ensure you’re getting the proper amount of eyeballs to your interactive video marketing.

Commerce video software provides deeper insights into user engagement.

is my audience interacting?

The secret sauce. The WIREWAX interactive video app dashboard shows how your audience is interacting with your video, including an analysis of EVERYvideo hotspot click within your interactive marketing video. This provides you with the most comprehensive understanding of your viewers interests and behavior.

WIREWAX’s interactive video application gives you the tools to create powerful experiences.

where are they coming from?

Get to know where your viewers and how they’re finding your video with a full list of browsers, devices, and views by embedded location. Our platform gives you the advantage of knowing your audience.