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enterprise T1

You're a small to large business requiring enterprise grade tools, service and support with the ability to customize platform elements and self-host video experiences.

enterprise T2

You're a medium to large business requiring enterprise grade tools, service and support. You want some level of flexibility in the platform integrations and/or use of LiveElements.

enterprise T3

You're a large business requiring enterprise grade tools, service and support. You want the full flexibility with platform, player and metrics integrations/APIs and/or Assisted Videos.
Reseller This account can be used as a reseller. Find out more about reselling WIREWAX here.
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FeaturesetEnterpriseAll FeaturesAll Features
Max VideosUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Max Users1-51-1010+
BillingStarts at $35,000 / yrStarts at $60,000 / yr Annual at $120,000 / yr
Legal Reviews Our terms are straight forward but if needed we'll work with your team on any redlines.
Security Reviews We take security and infrastructure integrity very seriously. We've completed security reviews and penetration testing from some of the largest companies on planet Earth and if required we'll supply security compliance for your business.×
Creative Reviews Our Award-Winning Creative Team will provide hands-on assistance and get fully involved in your creative process to bring your interactive video concepts through to reality. ×
Video Metadata Our Award-winning computer vision automatically detects the objects, people and things within your videos
Static Hotspots imageHotspots that stay anchored in place.
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Sticky Hotspots imageMotion-tracking hotspots, proven to increase engagement 9X.
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Custom Hotspot Creator imageCustom Hotspot Upload allows you to upload your own SVG file and manipulate color, hover state and animations. Start to customize your WIREWAX video however you wish.
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Overlay Library imageAccess to our library of pre-designed Overlay templates.
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Overlay Editor & Animator imageDesign your own Overlays however you'd like with our WYSIWYG style Overlay Editor.
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LiveElements imageWith WIREWAX’s Live Elements™ you’re able to dynamically update interactive overlay content with real-time information straight from your (or any open) API. This completely removes the need to manually update ANY content that frequently or constantly changes.
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Time Triggers imageAutomatically trigger an overlay to appear based on the timing of your choice.
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Automated Subtitles Incredibly powerful and accurate automated subtitle creation, translation in 65 languages and editing within the WIREWAX Studio.
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Metrics Dashboard imageDetailed video performance metrics, allowing you to optimize your video based on results in real-time.
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Custom & Behavioral Metrics Get more from your data with the most in-depth video metrics available to man including heat-mapping, cursor activity and more.×
Self-Hosted Packages Offline packages allow you to host videos on your own servers. We can provide these packages that contain the video renditions and code that make the videos interactive. These packages can have analytics enabled or disabled.
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Media Services & Custom Setups Leverage our computer vision and machine learning to automatically analyse, process, catalog and fix video assets – at scale.
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Player API imageOur powerful Player API tools allow you to do some incredible things at speed and scale. Find out more here.
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Metrics API Our Metrics API allows you to ingest and filter the metrics within your own tools, complete with documentation.××
Player Integrations Integrate WIREWAX Interactivity within your existing player or one of our partners like JW Player, Brightcove and Vimeo.
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Custom Integrations Customize your WIREWAX experiences with your tech stack to meet your needs.××
Email Ticket Support Submit your questions through email and we'll get back to you through classNameic electronic post.
Live Chat Support We're on standby to help with our Live Chat feature built right into the Studio.
Telephone Support We're just a call away.
Creative Support Allow our team to assist with creating templates, custom hotspots and beautifully designed graphics.××
1:1 Training Sessions Our Customer Success team will take you step-by-step through learning the ins and outs of the Studio1Up to 2Up to 4
Account Management Access to a dedicated WIREWAX Account Manager here to see you through to interactive video success.××